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Stack TrellisTM Add A Stack Kit-

the Kit that partners with the Starter Kit to expand the trellis.

The Problem: 

What to do when the plant outgrows the Stack TrellisTM Starter Kit?

The Solution: 

As the plants outgrow the Starter Kit (38 inch high) trellis, the gardener assembles the Add a StackTM trellis which easily attaches to the Starter Kit and increases the height of the trellis by 20 inches to a final height of 58"

Here’s how the trellis expands:

The Starter Kit trellis (purchased separately) provides the trellis foundation.

A garden stake (not included) provides the vertical "backbone of the trellis" (shown in bright green, above left)

1. The Starter Kit trellis is assembled.

2. A standard 3/4" garden stake is inserted through the center of the assembled Starter Kit trellis and pushed into the ground or container.

3. Each trellis "stack" is interconnected to attach it to the preceding trellis as shown in the magnified view, upper left.

4. Another “stack” is simply attached onto the existing Starter Kit trellis, using the Add A Stack™ Kit, when additional height is needed. The height of the trellis is only limited to the height of the garden stake used with the Starter Kit (ie 4 ft or 5 ft stake or greater).

Still need more height?  Assemble another Add A StackTM trellis!.

Add A Stack Assembly Instructions

Learn more about the Stack TrellisTM Starter Kit here

Trellis Benefits:

Expandable height, flattens for storage, large interior for sunlight and air circulation, design holds twine in-place, Free-standing