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US: New trellis adds value - night and day

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Two new products are about to make their entry into the horticulture industry. The first is called the "All-in-One Hanger and Trellis" for hanging baskets and the second is called the “Latch-on-Pot Trellis” for patio pots. Both are manufactured by Scroll Trellis, a Hugo (MN) based company. What makes both products unique are the flex strands that form either an orb shaped or swirl shaped trellis and the solar string lights. "The lights double the value of the product", says Larry McMurray, owner of Scroll Trellis and the inventor of the trellises. At the Cultivate'18 in Columbus, Ohio, Scroll Trellis will present these new products for the first time.


The All-in-One Hanger and Trellis and the Latch-on-Pot Trellis both attach to the planter pot is similar to the standard 22” four clip plastic hanger, but these products have an additional four extra long flex strands that assemble into a trellis. When the flex strands are used with an “over the side lip” planter, the flex strands form a swirl shaped trellis. When the flex strands are used with an “in the rim” planter, the flex strands form an orb shaped trellis. Both are made in the USA and are, besides that, eco-friendly products. "The All-in-One Hanger and Trellis and the Latch-on-Pot Trellis are made from recycled food-grade plastic and are BPA-free."

Why solar strings?

"Originally, it was designed for vining plant varieties, but after turning the lights on, the feedback was so positive that we decided to market it with solar lights, regardless if the planter was growing vining or non-vining varieties", says McMurray when we asked him why he incorporated the solar strings into the design. "Now the planter adds value after dark as well". Even though the solar strings are adding more value to the product, the hangers can be supplied without solar strings.


The industry is moving towards automation and also McMurray anticipated on this trend with the “Latch-on-Pot Trellis”. "It has the top hook removed and a 1/2" hole is provided at the top so the Grower can use Patio Planter pots with the current hanging basket growing automation equipment. When ready to ship, the “Latch-on-Pot Trellis” is used to grab the planter with one hand by both the Grower and the consumer to transfer easily”.


From July 14-17, Cultivate'18 will be held in Columbus, Ohio. For the first time, McMurray will present his invention to the public and the horticultural industry. "The first prototypes are in production and they will be on display at our booth, number 1750. Scroll Trellis will have a limited number of samples to hand out to interested buyers"

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