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Why’s it called the Scroll Trellis? Because it rolls up like a scroll!

This is probably something you’ve never seen before – or even thought of. When I first saw it I thought “Hmmm. Curious.” Now I’m a big fan. Here’s why …

So what do you do with this assortment of pieces?

The Scroll Trellis is designed to support fast-growing twining vines in a narrow space, such as up a post or between windows or doorways.

Simple Installation

At 9 feet long, it easily fits from the ground to the roofline on a single-level house. But if you want it shorter, just cut it to length with a regular pair of scissors.

Once it’s the length you want, wrap the mesh around one of the cedar blocks, hold it in place with two of the plastic buttons, and attach the top of the trellis by screwing the block into the post or wall with the supplied self-tapping screw. You’ll need a screwdriver or, preferably, a drill with a Phillips bit to drive in the screw, but you don’t need to drill a pilot hole.

The second block is attached at the bottom (be sure to pull the mesh tight) and the third one goes in the middle of the trellis, if needed.

Installation is quick and easy, provided you’re installing it on a wood post or siding. It’s possible to install it on a brick or block wall, but you’ll need to buy different screws (like [easyazon_link identifier=”B01N1IUSO7″ locale=”US” tag=”gardeprodurev-20″]Tapcon masonry screws[/easyazon_link]) and will need to pre-drill the holes. Also consider using caulking to seal the holes when installing on a building.

I’ve also used the Scroll Trellis on a metal pergola (see photo below with the snail vine). Instead of screwing the blocks into the metal posts, I used long zip ties to hold the trellis parts firmly in place.

One of the things that makes the Scroll Trellis work so well for twining vines is that it holds the mesh trellis 2 inches away from the wall or post behind it. That allows vines to wrap completely around it, and also leaves room for better air circulation.


After two years in the Arizona sun and a winter in New England, my Scroll Trellis is still in perfect condition. The UV-stabilized mesh shows no sign of weathering. The blocks have turned grey but otherwise look intact.

Vines Love It

I’ve grown clematis, mandevilla and snail vine (Vigna caracalla) on the Scroll Trellis; all have grown quickly and needed no extra support. They’re all twining vines that wrapped around and through the mesh; any other type of vine would need to be tied to the trellis.

The manufacturer says that the Scroll Trellis has been tested to hold up to 50 lbs (provided it’s securely attached) so I expect it would work with something like climbing roses or climbing hydrangea. However, keep in mind that the Scroll Trellis is narrow (only 4 inches wide) and works best in a narrow space; you’d be better off with a wider, more rigid trellis for larger plants.

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