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Introducing the first Trellis for hanging basket for growing Vines!

Basket Booster (TM) This is a Kit that the gardener assembles and then adds to their planted hanging basket (note the hanger must be wire)

See your plants at night!


Basket Booster, a trellis for hanging baskets with wire hangers for growing vines
The Hanging Basket Trellis is shipped as a kit of 8 trellis legs to make one basket. Slide the trellis legs over the wire hanger on your planted hanging basket, secure the 8 trellis legs with tree fasteners a zip ties (included) train your vine and Voila! Add some outdoor solar LED lights and create a look you'll love. 

Give your hanging basket a boost...... We can't help it if it makes your neighbors jealous!

Other uses: Small Space Gardening, Outdoor Solar Lighting, Container Gardening, Urban Gardening, Balcony Gardening, Grow Green , Grow PrivacyCreate Ambience