The Planter Pot Obelisk Trellis

Garden Obelisk Orb

by Scroll Trellis®

Add a pleasantly unexpected design element to your next indoor or outdoor garden planter pot when you install this attractive all-weather trellis sized for 10 in. to 16 in. W pots. You'll love how your planter will uniquely stand out from the rest. This 22.5 in. tall obelisk trellis looks beautiful supporting climbing plants. Alternatively, leave the trellis exposed in a planter filled with your favorite flowering blooms. The decorative orb shape, topped with a decorative 4 in. finial, will complement your fillers and spillers outdoors.

Indoors, support pothos, ivy, jasmine, monstera and more.  Outdoors support Mandevilla, Clematis, Thunbergia and Morning Glory.

Your order includes 1 trellis, the needed hardware needed to assemble it, 1 spire finial and 8 custom designed landscape staples.

If you have been searching for a smaller sized, whimsically designed trellis made to fit into round or square pots, this planter trellis is for you. Enjoy your living decor on patios, porches and small to large indoor and outdoor living spaces.


  • Black 8-sided 22.5 in. tall trellis that features a decorative finial you'll love the height it gives to balance the size of your planter pots
  • Although the trellis is made from all-weather polypropylene, it has the classic look of wrought iron with the flexibility to fit into circular or square pots and it won't rust
  • Plant support is designed to be used in 10 in. to 16 in. W planter pots or staked in the ground.  The trellis stakes are pliable which allows you to custom tailor the size of the trellis to fit the size pot you are planting
  • UV protection helps the trellis to maintain its color, even after years of extended use
  • Trellis is staked firmly in the soil with custom landscape staples which also gives the trellis it's orb shape
  • Custom landscape staples have a twist and lock design making it easy to install the trellis
  • Support outdoor climbing plants or use as a decorative element with mounding and trailing plants
  • Use indoors to support pothos, ivy, jasmine, monstera, hoya and more

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