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Introducing the first Trellis that expands as your plant grows, the

 Stack TrellisTM

Stack TrellisTM is now available to

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The Stack TrellisTM is a sold as a Starter Kit and as an Add a StackTM   trellis.  The garden assembles the Starter Kit and plants their plants.  As the plants outgrow the Starter Kit (20 inch high) trellis, the gardener assembles the Add a StackTM trellis which easily attaches to the Starter Kit and increases the height of the trellis by 18 inches.  Still need more height?  Assemble another Add a StackTM trellis!.

The Add a StackTM trellis makes the trellis 18 inches taller!


Trellis Benefits:

Expandable height, flattens for storage, large interior for sunlight and air circulation, design holds twine in-place, Free-standing

Other uses: Small Space Gardening, Container Gardening, Urban Gardening, Balcony Gardening, Grow Green Walls, Grow Privacy Walls, Camouflage eye-sores, Create Ambience

Stack TrellisTM is easily assembled see assembly for use in the garden here   

see assembly for use in a hanging basket here

 Ready to shop?  Check out the retail product page  

(Assembly takes approximately 30 min. or less)

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